Nelson S350 - performance

This cars engine is a 3.9 litre Rover V8 with a slightly warmer camshaft. The actual output is unknown but is suspected to be around 180 to 200hp on a good day.

The standard SU carburettors (fitted with BAC needles) are known to be a restriction and lean out in the mid range. If only I could afford a new 4 barrel Holley or Webber carb ......

I am often asked how fast it goes. The top speed is unknown and is of little importance to me, but is certainly greater than 100. I know that I bottle out before the cars does.

The 0 to 60 accelleration time has not accurately been timed, but is believed to be below 6 seconds. The wide torque range of the V8 gives a great feeling of push from behind.

The handling is quite good. There is little understeer and very little body roll on cornering. You have to be a bit sensible when applying power, with so much torque and little weight, for oversteer. This is however quite progressive and easily correctable rather than a big suprise followed by calamity. It very soon become easy to adopt a 'tail-out' method of negotiating empty roundabouts. Care obvoiusly must be used if you get caught in the wet or slippery conditions. Full marks to Bryce Nelson, the designer, for such results from so little development funds.

Driving this car always seems to be a pleasure. It turns a mundane trip, even to work into an experience, although it does inevitably result in massive detours to lenghten the journey by many fold.

The pleasure is measured in smiles per hour and can be checked by counting the flies in your teeth after a good run. :-)